Staff food provision overnight – trial with Just Eat 

We have been working hard to find a food solution for staff on nightshift.  We know there is limited choice when our Trust restaurants are closed.  

At the moment we have a 50% discount for staff during the day in our Trust restaurants.  We would also like to offer some help for staff working overnight.

We have agreed to trial a new arrangement with Just Eat.  This will provide a discount for staff who are working nightshift who choose to order through Just Eat.  Along with our other support for staff, this will be in place until the end of March.  This is a trial only.  We will keep a close eye on usage and review how it has worked after the trial.

Staff MUST register for a separate Trust Just Eat account using your work email address.  To register you will first need to complete this form. This gives permission for the Trust to pass your details to Just Eat.  You will then get an email from Just Eat to complete your registration.  The trial with Just Eat will start from 1 February. Please read the important T&Cs below. 

Just East trial – Terms and Conditions

  • You must use your NHS email address to register for the Trust discount on Just Eat by completing this form.
  • Once set up, you must use your Trust Just Eat account to get the discount
  • You can only order between 8pm and 8am to get the Trust discount.
  • Staff will receive a weekly allowance of £7.50 for any food they order via Just Eat whilst on nightshift. This will appear on your Trust Just Eat account.  It will renew each week for the period of the trial.    
  • Staff will need to pay the balance of whatever they order from their own funds.  This includes the delivery charge. 

Deliveries are only authorised to the sites listed below.Deliveries from Just Eat must be collected from designated collection points on each site:

  • Sunderland Royal Hospital Entrance 1, B Floor, Kayll Road Entrance (Delivery postcode SR4 7TP)
  • South Tyneside District Hospital Ingham Wing Entrance (Delivery postcode- NE34 0PL)
  • Sunderland Eye Infirmary Main entrance (Delivery postcode SR2 9HP)
  • Recovery at Home Service Main entrance (Delivery postcode SR2 9TS)
  • St Benedict’s Hospice Main entrance (Delivery postcode SR2 0NY)
  • ICAR Houghton Main entrance (Delivery postcode DH4 5GU)
  • Clarendon Main entrance  (Delivery postcode NE31 1AT)

Please note – staff must collect their own deliveries from these points.  Please monitor the Just Eat app for the arrival time of your food.  Staff should not contact security staff or porters about this. 


Privacy disclamer

By completing this form, you give your full consent for your name and work email address to be shared with Just Eat Ltd. This is so that we can register your details with Just Eat to set up a work account.