Unfortunately, we still have staffing challenges within our maternity services.  As we manage these workforce pressures, all births are taking place in Sunderland.  This is so that we have enough midwives on duty 24/7 to provide safe care for everyone. Our Midwifery Led Birthing Centre (MLBC) in South Tyneside is a vital part of our maternity services and this is a temporary measure. 

Our new Midwifery-Led Birthing Centre at South Tyneside District Hospital will provide a relaxing ‘home from home’ birthing experience for women with low risk pregnancies who have not experienced any complications.

The centre is open 24/7 and is run by our team of highly experienced midwives who will offer a comfortable, relaxed and friendly environment for families who are keen to have a natural birth with minimum intervention.

We pride ourselves on providing a calm, welcoming and relaxing atmosphere with lots of one-to-one personalised care to help you bond with your baby in those precious first few hours. Partners are also welcome to stay in our en-suite birthing rooms during and after the birth, until you choose to go home, usually within 12 to 24 hours.

Our midwives are expertly trained to detect, very early on, if your labour is not progressing normally. If our midwives do have concerns about you or your baby’s wellbeing or progress during labour, we have very close links and direct 24/7 communication with doctors in our consultant-led maternity unit at Sunderland Royal Hospital. If necessary we will arrange for you to be transferred to our consultant-led maternity unit in an ambulance and your midwife will come along with you.

  • Contact us: 0191 4041033
  • Find out more about our classes here
  • You can also find out everything from parking to packing, visiting to finding us here

Benefits of our centre

  • Calm, comfortable and friendly surroundings to help you feel in control and relaxed
  • Personalised one-to-one care with experienced midwives
  • Increased chances of having a normal birth with less intervention
  • Partners are able to stay overnight in our en-suite birthing rooms
  • Water birth options are available
  • A good option if you do not want a homebirth and do not need consultant-led medical care

Key considerations

  • There are no doctors physically based in our midwifery-led birthing centre however we do have direct 24/7 links to consultant obstetricians at Sunderland Royal Hospital. If problems do arise before or during your labour, our midwives are expertly trained to deal with any emergency situations
  • There may be a need for you to transfer to our consultant-led maternity unit at Sunderland Royal Hospital in an ambulance. If this is necessary your midwife will come with you
  • You will not be able to have an epidural in our midwifery-led birthing centre