There will be no change to the clinical services provided in the new Eye Hospital.  

They will simply transfer to a new modern, fit-for-purpose building.  This includes all of the following specialist ophthalmology (eye) services: 

  • Nationally renowned Cataract Treatment Centre providing day-case surgery
  • 24/7 Emergency Eye Department
  • Outpatient services for a range of sub-specialties including:
    • Glaucoma
    • Retinal care
    • Paediatrics (children’s) clinics 
    • Optometry and orthoptic management
    • Corneal, Neurological and eye lid conditions
  • Medical photography/imaging department
  • Theatre suite for inpatient and day case surgery 
  • Inpatient facilities for adults and children

In addition, our plans for a new Eye Hospital also include:

  • a new Ambulatory Care area for patients who require short periods of clinical care without being fully admitted to a ward
  • a new Day of Surgery Admission Unit (DOSA) with individual patient recovery rooms
  • a dedicated separate paediatric area.

The new Eye Hospital is also being designed to allow for future expansion should this be required.