As plans for a new Eye Hospital progress, we want to make sure we capture learning from COVID-19 and how we have used technology.  Many appointments are now successfully taking place by phone or video.  Some eye conditions still need face to face appointments so that regular images can be taken of the eye.   47% of patients have told us they are happy for future outpatient appointments to take place virtually.  Whenever possible we want to reduce the need for patients to travel to hospital if they don’t need to.  Patients welcome this as a more convenient way to access care.  

A new 24/7 emergency phoneline for people with urgent eye problems has proved a huge success.  This allows patients to speak to a specialist over the phone if they have an urgent eye problem.  The phoneline was introduced as a result of COVID-19.  It has greatly improved the service in our Emeregency Eye Department and means patients get quicker access to emergency care if they need it.

92% of patients had a positive experience when using the emergency phoneline at Sunderland Eye Infirmary.   

 94% of patients thought the new 24/7 emergency phoneline should continue in future.