Patients at Sunderland Eye Infirmary always rate their experience very highly.  Feedback about care and treatment is overwhelmingly positive.  Most patients are ‘extremely likely’ or ‘likely’ to recommend services to their friends and family.

Despite this, a recurring theme of feedback over recent years has been about the old building. Patients recognise the need for refurbishment.  There are often negative comments about the temperature being too high.  Patients also complain about the lack of toilets and shower facilities on the ward.

To help inform plans for a new Eye Hospital, over 2,000 patients gave us their feedback.  Patients who have used services over the past two years were picked at random to make sure we had a representative sample.  This included patients from across the North East and North Cumbria.  Over 96% of patients rated their care as ‘outstanding’ or ‘very good’.  Only 77% of patients rated the facilities as ‘outstanding’ or ‘very good’.  Many people commented about the need for investment to improve the building.

“I have been a patient on several occasions and would sing the praises of staff and care. Any change would need real financial investment to this elderly but wonderful hosptial.”


“I think the overall experience is outstanding, any changes would be too expensive/difficult to implement.”

A number of key themes were identified by patients about how the building could be improved.  This included the need for:
•    Larger and clearer signage
•    Better wayfinding / directions around the building
•    Better use of colour, light and sound to help people with visual impairments
•    Improved waiting room areas with more seating to accommodate carers
•    Better use of technology to allow self ‘check-in’ on arrival.