Published on: 14 February 2018

46c6f8aa09168f6fb6c6c168c20df277.JPGPatients at Sunderland Royal Hospital were given a Valentine’s treat today and served a special afternoon tea to mark the annual celebration on February 14th.

The team from CHoICE Facilities Services, which includes the catering department, is offering Viennese Whirls and fancies to accompany in-patient’s afternoon drinks round. The afternoon tea is given to patients in all wards of the hospital and CHoICE staff from the catering, Portering, management and laundry team have volunteered their time to help make sure that all wards received their treat.

Denise Carr, Head of Catering at CHoICE, said: “Being in hospital at any time of the year can be tough, but being away from loved ones on special days is always that little bit harder. We decided to create our Choice Moment a few years ago as part of our work to raise awareness of nutrition and hydration. From this, we decided to roll this out further and offer a range of treats on key days throughout the year. It always raises a lot of smiles from our patients and give the team the opportunity to visit the wards and have a chat about what they do.”