We work hard to make sure that your stay or visit is as comfortable and stress free as possible. Making sure your experience in our care is a positive one is central to everything we do and something we hope to achieve time and time again.

There will be times when we exceed your expectations and times when we fall below the high standards that we set ourselves. When this happens we want to know so we can feedback to our teams and let them know what they are doing really well and how we can improve in the future. All feedback is important to us, good and bad!

Advice and complaints

No-one likes a complaint, but it’s an important part of understanding where we have fallen short and what we can do to make sure the same thing doesn’t happen again. If you are unhappy about any area of the care or service that we provide, please let us know and we’ll be happy to look into it for you. You can get in touch in the following ways:

  • Speak to the nurse in charge – where we can, we always like to try and resolve issues there and then, so if you are unhappy about any aspect of your care, or the care of a friend or relative, please ask to speak to the nurse in charge of the ward or department you are in.
  • Contact our Advice and Complaints Service (see below)

Advice and Complaints Service
B Floor
Sunderland Royal Hospital
Kayll Road
Sunderland SR4 7TP

Email: stsft.adviceandcomplaints@nhs.net

Telephone: 0191 569 9855 or Freephone 08005876513

  Opening times: Monday-Friday 8:30am - 5:00pm

There is a member of the Advice and Complaints Service based on the South Tyneside District Hospital site, Monday to Friday between 9am and 4pm.

If you would like to speak to a member of the service, please contact 0191 569 9855 

Additional Useful Contacts

We also have a drop-in service, Monday to Friday, 8:30am - 5:00pm at Sunderland Royal Hospital, situated on B Floor, opposite the lifts on the main concourse. An answer machine is available outside of these hours

  • Leave us feedback on NHS Choices / Care Opinion of via your local Healthwatch.
  • Contact us via our social media channels. You can send us a private message on Facebook or Twitter. If we can resolve things there and then we will, but we may need to direct you to our Help and Advice Service for more complex issues.

Click here to read our Concerns and Complaints Policy 

Formal complaints

If we haven’t managed to resolve your concerns and you wish to make a formal complaint, this should be put in writing as soon as possible after an incident has occurred.

Normally there should be no more than 12 months between the incident and your complaint being raised.

Please include your contact telephone number and highlight your main issues. If you are not the patient, then written consent will be required from the patient. If this is not possible, you may wish to discuss this with the Advice and Complaints Services Manager or Customer Services Manager who will be happy to provide advice and guidance to support your complaint.

Please address you letter to either:
Mr K W Bremner
Chief Executive
South Tyneside and Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust
Sunderland Royal Hospital
Kayll Road
Sunderland SR4 7TP


Advice and Complaints Service
B Floor
Sunderland Royal Hospital
Kayll Road
Sunderland SR4 7TP

All contacts to our Advice and Complaints Service are documented and held in accordance with data protection laws. Please be reassured that you will not be discriminated against if you raise a concern, you will continue to be treated and cared for with respect, dignity and compassion.

Once you’ve submitted your complaint you will receive an acknowledgement letter within 3 working days containing an information leaflet giving you details of our complaints procedure and other useful information. We will usually try to contact you to discuss your complaint so please provide us with a telephone number.

We aim to provide you with a final response within 20 working days of your letter being received. If this isn’t possible, you will be kept updated regarding the delay in writing.

What happens next?

We always try and resolve complaints as quickly and effectively as possible. Our Chief Executive will write to you when the complaint investigation is complete. However, if you would prefer, a meeting can be arranged for you to discuss your complaint face to face with members of Trust staff.


We’re quite a modest lot but hey, who doesn’t love a compliment. If someone in our team has gone above and beyond what you would expect, or you feel they just deserve a pat on the back, please let us know.

You can do this in the following ways:

  • Speak to the nurse in charge or another member of the team
  • Leave a review for us on NHS Choices / Care Opinion or via your local Healthwatch.
  • Drop us a line on social media (we’re on Twitter and Facebook)
  • Or just tell them direct and give them that warm, fuzzy feeling that will last for the rest of their shift!