Leaving a gift to our charity in your will ensures you can make a lasting difference to our patients and staff in your memory.  If you choose to leave a financial gift this will not be liable for inheritance tax. There are two types of gifts you can consider:

  • A residuary gift – leave a share, or the whole, of what is left in your estate once you have provided for your loved ones
  • A pecuniary gift – a gift of a fixed amount of money

If you have already made a will but would like to leave a gift to support the hospital Charity, you can do so by adding a codicil to your existing will.

If you are thinking of making a gift to the charity in your will please contact us to discuss the area you wish to support. If you have already included a gift to the charity in your will, but haven’t discussed this with us, we would be grateful if you could make contact with us.

If you are an executor of a will please contact us prior to making any donation, as legacies and bequests must be handled separately from our other donations.

You can contact us at stsft.charity@nhs.net