Keeping the NHS clean and preventing infection is everybody’s responsibility from the Chief Executive to the healthcare cleaner. It is important for our patients, visitors, the public and staff. 

As part of our commitment to cleanliness we will: 

  • Treat patients in a clean and safe environment and minimise exposure to healthcare associated infections 
  • Provide a well maintained, clean and safe environment, using the most appropriate and up to date cleaning methods and frequencies
  • Maintain fixtures and fittings to an acceptable condition to enable effective and safe cleaning to take place regularly
  • Allocate specific roles and responsibilities for cleaning, linked to infection prevention and control, that are underpinned by strong, clear leadership that encourages a culture where cleanliness matters
  • Have clinical leads who will establish and promote a cleanliness culture across the organisation
  • Constantly review cleanliness and improve performance
  • Take account of different views about the quality and standards of cleanliness by involving patients and visitors in reporting and monitoring how well we are doing
  • Provide the public with clear information on any measures which they can take, to help in the prevention and control of healthcare associated infections
  • Provide the public with clear information on the potential risk of contracting a healthcare associated infection. This will include highlighting other helpful information sources so that patients and public can access up to date local data
  • Provide education and training to ensure all our staff practice excellent infection prevention and control within their role
  • Design any new facilities with ease of cleaning in mind

How our patients, visitors and the public can help us: 

  • Follow good hygiene practices which are displayed in and around the organisation 
  • Tell us if you require any further information about cleanliness or prevention of infection 
  • Work with us to monitor and improve standards of cleanliness and prevention of infection