Work has started to build a brand world-class Eye Hospital in Sunderland. It is set to welcome patients in early 2026. The Eye Hospital will treat over 130,000 patients every year from the north east, north Cumbria and beyond. If you or your loved ones need treatment from us in years to come, you will receive it at the new Eye Hospital.

This is a once in a generation opportunity for us to develop this regional centre for excellence and build on our excellent national reputation for care and research. We want to make sure that your care is the very best that it can be. That’s why we’ve launched the Vision Appeal to help us raise at least £1million. This will help us buy state-of-the-art equipment and facilities that will benefit patients for years to come.

What are we looking to fund?

Just like mobile phones, technology changes very quickly in the world of eye treatment. We have set our sights on a number of key pieces of equipment. This is over and above the kit that we will install as part of the new Eye Hospital.

See our shopping list below;

Flexible 3D eye scanning machines

These machines can produce highly detailed 3D scans of the eyes. They are used on patients who cannot be scanned using the equipment we already have because of various health reasons or disabilities.

Cost: Approximately £200,000 per scanner

Visual field testing machines

Specialist machines that measure the central and peripheral (side) vision. They are used to diagnose a range of eye problems. 

Cost: Approximately £30,000 per machine

Advanced ceiling mounted microscopes

These would be fitted in our new operating theatres to help with complex surgeries.  We need four of these for our new hospital.

Cost: Approximately £200,000 per microscope

Motorised adjustable examination chairs

These electric couch style beds support our patients who are less mobile. They help us carry out examinations and laser treatments. We need 33 chairs in our new hospital.

Cost: Approximately £10,000 per chair

Phaco Machines

Used in surgical procedures to remove cataracts and improve vision. 

Cost: Approximately £35,000 per machine

Ocular Motility Analyser

This machine tests eye muscles. It looks at eye position and movement. It can help diagnose a range of conditions, particularly in children, such as involuntary eye movements, strabismus (squint) and amblyopia (a lazy eye). We need four of these for our new eye hospital.

Cost: Approximately £8,000 per camera

Thompson Charts

Eye test charts that are suitable for near and distance vision testing. The digital charts can show random letters of varying sizes. They also include digital images that can be used to test children’s eye sight. We need 36 of these for our new hospital.

Cost: Approximately £1,000 each

IT kit for teaching purposes

Our new seminar rooms, boardroom and retinal unit will need to be equipped with the latest technology to support teaching across the hospital. This includes research.

Cost: Approximately £55,000

How can you get involved?

You can fundraise, either on your own or take part in something we have organised. We will be organising a range of fundraising events and activities over the coming months, keep an eye on this page and the Trust’s social media for details.

You can spread the word about our appeal to your friends, family and work colleagues. We want to get as many people involved as possible.

You can donate direct to the appeal, just click on the button below.

Want to learn more? or would like support in fundrasing?

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