Here at South Tyneside and Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust (STSFT) we are proud to serve nearly 500,000 residents in the North East of England. Our People Podcast shares the stories of our fantastic staff and explores behind the scenes in many different services and departments. 

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Earlier this month we marked Sexual Health Week.

To discuss the mental aspect of sexual health we joined Psychosexual Therapist Elaine Conway.

Elaine talks about the sort of issues her patients deal with and the services she provides in order to help them. She also highlights the importance of sex education.

Episode 8 - Psychosexual Therapy.png

(Pschosexual Therapist Elaine Conway)

September is National Vascular Disease Awareness Month.

To discuss this on Our People Podcast we joined Trainee Advanced Clinical Practitioner Gemma Davison and Consultant Dr Adriano Sala Tenna.

Gemma and Adriano talk about the most common diseases the vascular department deals with and how the new Investigation and Intervention Unit at Sunderland Royal Hospital will benefit our patients and staff.

Episode 7 - Vascular.png

(Consultant Dr Adriano Sala Tenna and Trainee Advanced Clinical Practitioner Gemma Davison)

On this week's episode of Our People Podcast we joined Elder Life Specialist Practitioner Claire Boylan and Nurse Consultant for Older Persons Chris Cairns.

Claire and Chris talk about how the Alexandra Centre aims to act as a centre of excellence and how the team helps our over 65-year-old patients with delirium and dementia.

They also discuss how the service has a role to support carers and staff within the Trust by providing information, education and specialist input to the wards.

Episode 6 - DDOT.png

(Nurse Consultant Chris Cairns and Elder Life Specialist Practitioner Claire Boylan)

On this week's episode of Our People Podcast we joined Theatre Manager Alan Simpson and Deputy Directorate Manager for Theatres and Critical Care Louisa Robinson.

Our digital theatres have recently had a major overhaul to give operating theatre teams the best technology at their fingertips.

Alan and Louisa talk about why it is important that the team have all the latest technology and what happens during a patient's procedure.

They also discuss what it takes to work in theatres and the strong team bond within the department.

Episode 5 - Digital Theatres.png

(Deputy Directorate Manager for Theatres and Critical Care Louisa Robinson and Theatre Manager Alan Simpson)

On this week's episode of Our People Podcast we joined Safeguarding Children Nurse Advisor Michelle Milburn and Patient Experience Facilitator Alison McNally.

In 2017, the Trust set up the Young Persons' Group which aims to make a difference to children and young people accessing hospital and health services.

Michelle and Alison are key figures in running the group and discuss how they make sure the voices of children and young people are heard throughout the Trust.

We were also joined by members of the group as they talk about how it benefits them and what they enjoy most about volunteering.

Episode 4 - Young Persons' Group.png

(Safeguarding Children Nurse Advisor Michelle Milburn and Patient Experience Facilitator Alison McNally)

On this week's episode of Our People Podcast we joined Director of Research Deepali Varma and Director of Innovation Imran Ahmed.

Deepali and Imran talk about the important role research and innovation play at our Trust and how they help patient care.

They also discuss why they joined the NHS and how they got to where they are.

Episode 3 - Research & Innovation.png

(Director of Innovation Imran Ahmed and Director of Research Deepali Varma)

On this week's episode of Our People Podcast we joined Diabetes Specialist Nurse and Safe Care Lead Kay Brown as well as Consultant Nimantha De-Alwis.

Did you know more than 4.3 million people are now living with a diagnosis of diabetes in the UK?

Kay and Nimantha talk about what diabetes is, how someone can be tested for it and what health problems it can cause.

They also discuss how diabetes can be treated, how it can be prevented and why it is important for our staff to be educated on the condition.

Episode 2 - Diabetes.png

(Consultant Nimantha De-Alwis and Diabetes Specialist Nurse Kay Brown)

To kick start Season 3 of the multi-award winning Our People Podcast we celebrate World Breastfeeding Week.

We joined Infant Feeding Lead for Midwifery, Stacey McFarlane, Community Nursery Nurse, Cheryl Rutherford and mam Angel Puttock.

Angel talks about her first-hand experience of breastfeeding whilst Stacey and Cheryl list all the benefits that come with it.

They also discuss this year's Breastival which has been put on during the week to support and celebrate breastfeeding as part of everyday life.

The team also talk about the UNICEF UK Baby Friendly Initiative and how this will help increase breastfeeding rates.

Episode 1 - World Breastfeeding Week.png

(Angel Puttock (left) and her two daughters, Cheryl Rutherford (centre) and Stacey McFarlane (right))