Published on: 26 January 2023

A podcast launched to tell the stories of the NHS heroes who care for patients in hospital and out in the community is back for its second series.

South Tyneside and Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust premiered the Our People Podcast last year, with more than 3,000 streams or downloads of its first 20 episodes.

The first instalment of the new series features the work of its award-winning Alcohol Care Team, which works across its emergency departments and wards to help people get to the route of their issues with alcohol.

The team’s lead, Roisin Burdis explains how patients are assessed. Listeners are able to put themselves through the check used to talk through habits with people referred to the service. They can also find out what help is available if they want to cut back or abstain.

Practitioner Carly Hall, who is developing her career with the team, also speaks about her own first-hand experiences as a patient helped by the Trust. She addresses her own relationship with alcohol and how she draws on this to offer support to others.

The second looks at the work of one of its sexual health teams and future episodes will include in-depth talks with Learning Disability Liaison Nurses, Care Coordinators for the Northern Neonatal Network.

Season one was a success with thousands of downloads.  It featured episodes on its Army Reserves, Radiology department and what goes into research trials. There was also a discussion with the Trust’s Lead Bereavement Midwife and Allison Thompson, who began in the role of Trust Chairman last April.

All of the conversations can be listened to through Spotify. A captioned version is available via the Trust’s YouTube channel. Every episode created so far has also been added to Apple Podcast with the launch of the new series.

Podcast Pic.JPG

Our People Podcast producers Fiona Thompson and Harry Newhouse, who are members of the Communications Team at South Tyneside and Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust.

Our People Podcast Editor, Harry Newhouse said:

"The podcast is proving to be popular and it’s a great opportunity for patients to find out more about what our Trust does. It’s also a chance for our staff to find out more about the work of their colleagues.

"There are so many different parts to the Trust. The podcast is a great way to showcase the important and excellent work our teams do on a daily basis."

More details and links to the episodes can be found via