New for 2021!

The Brighter Future Business Club is a low cost, philanthropic club for businesses in support of the  stsCharity. We will help you to shout about your support for us and all the great things that we can achieve with the funds you help us raise. You can join for just £20 per month and receive a framed certificate, banner for your website, personalised email banner and your logo on our website. You can then choose to move up from a member, to a star, super star or even a mega-star member by getting involved in our events and campaigns, helping to raise funds to support our activities across the area.

Your membership fee will go to our general funds which cover projects across the Trust's sites but any fundraising you do on top of that can be directed to the ward/service of your choice. We will provide you with advice and support along with template resources you’ll need to run your own fundraising activity.

Given that the Trust operates across a wide area and delivers such a broad range of services, each with its own charitable fund or funds, we will give club members a choice of funds for which to fundraise for.  All we ask is that you change fund every year, don’t worry you can go back and fundraise for them again in the future.  While fundraising for specific fund your staff and customers will have the opportunity to learn about those services.

Businesses that actively fundraise can achieve various star statuses receiving promotional materials matching the level of achievement, including modified web and email banners.

Raise between £500 and £1000 in 12 month to become a “Star” supporter.

Raise between £1000 and £3000 in 12 months to become a “Super-star” supporter.

Raise between £3000 and £5000 in 12 months to become a “Mega-star” supporter.

Raise over £5000 in 12 months to become a “Hyper-star” supporter.

For more information and to sign up as a club member click on the link below.

Click here to contact the charity team.