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We provide a range of services for new and review patients who have been diagnosed with cancer.

This includes chemotherapy, radiotherapy and haematology services as well as support and advice before, during and after your treatment.

Tobacco Dependency Service

Our Tobacco Dependency Service Team gives specialist support to people who are current smokers. 

We offer support to patients and pregnant people using our Trust maternity services. We do this in a number of ways:


  • We visit patients on wards to provide support to remain smokefree or to quit smoking
  • We make sure patients are given the agreed nicotine replacement therapy
  • We provide a follow up visit on the ward

Pregnant people:

  • We support those who have a carbon monoxide reading of above 4ppm at booking appointment
  • We support those who have said they have recently quit smoking without support

We make sure support continues for all patients when they leave our care. We do this by working with patients, local stop smoking partners and pharmacies. 

Our team is made up of two Tobacco Dependence Service Leads and two Tobacco Dependence Service Advisors. You can contact them using the details below:

  • Telephone: 0191 565 6256 Ext. 47963
  • Email:  

Cancer of Unknown Primary (CUP)

The Cancer of Unknown Primary (CUP) service at South Tyneside offers support to inpatient teams caring for patients with a new cancer diagnosis where there is no obvious primary cancer diagnosis.

The CUP Multi-Disciplinary Team have meetings once per week to discuss cases which meet the CUP pathway criteria, in order to offer guidance for ongoing investigations, management and care. It may be appropriate for patients to then be referred to another cancer site specific team, have community support or ongoing input from the CUP team, depending on the outcomes of further investigations.


Contact Us:  

Referrals via the ICE system

For advice: Jenn Blake (Acute Oncology and CUP Clnical Nurse Specialist)

                    Ext: 2107 Bleep: 108 Email:


Finding Us:

The CUP service does not have an outpatient service at present, however inpatient referrals will be accepted to review patients on inpatient wards at South Tyneside District Hospital. 


Our Team:  

Specialist Palliative Care Consultant and CUP lead: Dr Porteous

 Acute Oncology and CUP Clinical Nurse Specialist: Jenn Blake

Matron: Naomi Kelly

Cancer Clinical Nurse Specialists (South Tyneside)

The Cancer Clinical Nurse Specialists act as a key worker in providing advice and support from pre diagnosis i.e. test and scans etc. through treatment and supportive care.

There are a range of specialist nurses covering different cancer sites including

  • Lung
  • Colorectal
  • Breast
  • Gynaecology
  • Upper Gastro intestinal - (stomach, oesophagus, pancreas)
  • Urology
  • Haematology
  • Acute oncology (looking after you with any problems relating to cancer treatment)

Finding Us

The Clinical Nurse Specialists work from:

South Tyneside District General Hospital
Harton Lane
South Tyneside

Contact Us

The Team can be contacted via the switchboard on 0191 4041000

South Tyneside

Our Oncology and Haematology Day Unit is a nurse led service delivering treatments and interventions to patients with a cancer diagnosis and disorders of the blood (haematology).

This includes a range of chemotherapy treatments as well as other supportive therapies e.g. blood tests, blood transfusion, pre-treatment assessment, infusions to help with bone pain.

The nursing staff work closely with your consultant oncologist / haematologist and cancer nurse specialist and are co-located with the outpatient clinics in the hospital.

Finding Us

The service operates from 8.30-5pm Monday-Friday

South Tyneside District General Hospital
Harton Lane
South Tyneside

Contact Us

The day unit can be contacted on (0191) 4041053


The Oncology Service provides a number of clinics for new and review patients referred for non-surgical cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and other newly established treatments.

Sunderland Royal Hospital is recognised as a Cancer Unit and is part of the North of England Cancer Network. The Phoenix Unit is our Chemotherapy, Haematology and Infusion Day Unit, and is a hub for a range of settings for the provision of chemotherapy service - hospital, home and outreach - depending on a patient's preference and treatment type.  

Oncologists from the Northern Cancer Centre for Treatment (NCCT) undertake clinics in Sunderland and manage a range of treatments across tumour types, including urology, colorectal, breast, lung, upper gastrointestinal, head and neck and gynaecological cancers. Multidisciplinary meetings to discuss and monitor patient progress are also held at the Sunderland site.

Outpatient clinics are held in Sunderland Royal Hospital Chester Wing outpatients, with a qualified nurse who is part of the Chemotherapy and Haematology Day Unit team, supporting these clinics.

The home chemotherapy service allows you to have you treatment in the comfort of your own home and also provides you with a choice of where it is most convenient and suitable to receive your therapy.

The Outreach Service is provided from Washington Primary Care Centre and inpatient chemotherapy is delivered to haematology patients only at Sunderland Royal Hospital.

Finding us

Services operate mainly from Sunderland Royal Hospital's Phoenix Unit, D Level. The Phoenix Unit is open Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 7pm and Saturday between 8.30am and 2.30pm.

Our Team

Directorate Manager Chris Black
Clinical Director Dr Saeed Ahmed
Nurse Consultant Oncology Lynsey Robson
Phoenix Unit Manager Michelle Stores