The colorectal team delivers a range of subspecialist colorectal surgery services across Sunderland Royal Hospital and South Tyneside District Hospital; pre and post op patients that may have surgery for bowel cancer, benign colorectal diseases, inflammatory bowel disease, rectal prolapse and functional bowel disorders. We have a team of 8 consultants, with one colorectal cancer MDT.  

The unit is supported by 6 Specialist Nurses with HCA support and a dedicated enhanced recovery nurse.

Colorectal/Stoma Care Nurse Specialists
The aim of our specialist nurses is to provide physical, psychological and spiritual support for both men and women who have bowel disease.  Using research-based practice and listening to patients we try to improve and move the service forward. Our role is:

  • To work closely with the colo-rectal team in the provision of care to patients with colo-rectal disease including:
  • To provide advice, information and support to patients and their families from diagnosis to review, at home and when on the ward.
  • To act as key workers and provide continuity for patients, their families and carers throughout their treatment journey.
  • To offer counselling/advice/teaching and support to any patients undergoing stoma formation, which includes community visits following discharge home.
  • Ensure time, confidentiality and privacy to discuss issues such as body image and sexuality.
  • To co-ordinate the input of other healthcare professionals.
  • To provide or direct information, education, advice and support for patients, families and staff.

Contact us

SRH Colorectal Nurses - 0191 565 6256 ext 47221
STDH Colorectal Nurses - 0191 203 2908

Finding us

The colorectal ward is located on C-level in Sunderland Royal Hospital Ward C32. Our colorectal specialists are located in out-patients.

Our team

Divisional Director- Sheena Fish

Directorate Manager - Petrina Smith

Clinical Director - Neil Jennings

Consultants - John Corson, Stephen Holtham, Michael Kipling, James Royle, Golam Farook, Mohammed Siddiqui and Rachael Coates

Matron - Jonathan Watters

SRH Colorectal Nurses - Maralyn Boyd, Susan Rodda, Rosemary Jobling, Tamsin Collins

STDH Colorectal Nurses - Jane Barnes, Teresa Liddle

Ward Manager - Sarah Suddick