Our Pharmacy's role is to support the safe and effective use of medicines for all our patients. We do this through teams of highly trained pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, pharmacy dispensing assistants, pharmacy assistants, information analysts, clerical officers and porters, who specialise in different aspects of medicines use.

South Tyneside’s Pharmacy Department provides services to patients cared for at South Tyneside District Hospital and those cared for by our Community Services across Gateshead, South Tyneside and Sunderland.

All medicines are prescribed in accordance with the local formulary, produced jointly with NHS North East and North Cumbria Integrated Care Board (ICB), which includes all medicines which have been recommended in NICE Technology Appraisals.

The role of the Inpatient Pharmacy is to ensure the safety of patients who are given medication at Sunderland Royal Hospital. Pharmacists monitor treatment to ensure each patient receives the best possible medications for their conditions and ensures that all safety procedures are adhered to.

The Outpatient Dispensary (run by CHoICE Pharmaceutical Limited) is responsible for providing a dispensing service to all outpatient clinics and to a range of other Trust services.

Coming into hospital

When you come into hospital we will need to obtain a clear record of all the medicines you take so that these can be prescribed for you during your stay. To help us do this, please bring in all your medicines when you are admitted.

This includes:

  • tablets
  • liquids
  • creams
  • eye drops
  • inhalers
  • sprays
  • insulins
  • patches
  • medicines (including herbal or homeopathic remedies) 

Also please bring your repeat prescription sheet from your GP any warning cards, information cards or record cards for any medicines you take.

In most cases you will be asked by one pharmacists and pharmacy technicians for permission to access your summary care record, which will give the team access to an electronic summary of essential information about any medicines, allergies and adverse reactions derived from your GP record.

If possible bring your medicines in their original packs, with the community pharmacy’s label on. If you use a tablet organiser/box or a reminder chart please bring that in with you, these all help our staff to confirm the dose you take.

In most cases your medicines will be stored in individual lockable bedside cabinets during your stay in hospital. This allows your own regular medication to be used during your stay, any additional medicines you may need will be provided by the hospital pharmacy. Medicines which are no longer required will be removed and, with your permission, safely destroyed.

Please ensure that your visitors do not bring other medicines into hospital for you to take, unless they are asked to do so by a member of the hospital team treating you.

Leaving hospital

When you leave hospital please check with the nurse that you have all your medicines. You should have at least 7 days supply, and up to 28 days supply, of your medication when you leave hospital, along with instructions on how to take your medicines.

The pharmacists, pharmacy technicians or nurses on the ward will be happy to discuss any changes in your medication, and provide information on new medicines, including side effects to watch out for.

In certain cases you may be asked to visit your usual community pharmacist to discuss these changes shortly after your discharge to ensure that you understand your medicines and provide you with further advice or information if required.

Contact us

South Tyneside District Hospital

Pharmacy Office - 0191 404 1058

Dispensary- 0191 404 1000 ext. 2251

Sunderland Royal Hospital

Inpatient pharmacy- Inpatient dispensary 0191 5656256 extension 41480

Outpatient Pharmacy- 0191 5699163

Website: www.choicesunderland.co.uk/services/pharmacy

Sunderland Eye Infirmary

0191 5410565

Finding us

South Tyneside District Hospital

Pharmacy Department

South Tyneside District Hospital

Harton Lane

South Shields

Tyne and Wear

NE34 0PL


Sunderland Royal Hospital

Inpatient pharmacy- Pharmacy is located on the Hylton Road side of Sunderland Royal Hospital, next to the Estates, Facilities and Supplies building.

Outpatient pharmacy- The outpatient pharmacy at Sunderland Royal Hospital is located to the right of Outpatients Entrance 5 on Chester Road.

Our team

Sunderland Royal Hospital

Inpatient pharmacy

Divisional General Manager - Vicky Mitchell

Directorate Manager - Tim Burdett

Chief Pharmacist - Graeme Richardson

Lead Clinical Pharmacist Surgical - Jill Holden

Lead Clinical Pharmacist Medical - Jill Davison

Lead Clinical Pharmacist - Chinny Patnaik

Lead Clinical Pharmacist - Philippa Bell

Production Services Pharmacist - Karen Shield

Medicines Management Lead South Tyneside - Catherine Baldridge

Outpatient pharmacy

Superintendent Pharmacist - James Hubbard

Dispensary Managers - Jurinda Cowe and Stephen Butler