The Trust is committed to safeguarding children and vulnerable adults and takes its responsibility seriously. Everyone has the right to live a life free from harm and abuse. Promoting the welfare of Adults and Children and protecting them from harm is referred to as 'Safeguarding.'

The Trust is committed in ensuring the principles and duties of safeguarding adults and children are holistically, consistently and diligently applied. Working in partnership with education, social services, police, and other health services, we ensure patients, visitors and staff are appropriately safeguarded.

We have a dedicated Safeguarding Children and Adults Team and our Executive Director of Nursing, Melanie Johnson has board level responsibility for safeguarding children ensuring that the board is satisfied that all measures are taken to safeguard children and adults in our care.

Our team’s responsibilities are:

  • Advice and support to all staff
  • Provide and monitor safeguarding training appropriate to role
  • Quality assurance by completion and monitoring of audits

The Trust's responsibilities are:

  • Statutory requirements in relation to Disclosure and Barring service checks
  • Robust policies and procedures
  • Ensuring safeguarding Governance arrangements are in place
  • Board level leadership and the specialist safeguarding professionals
  • Membership of Local Safeguarding Boards

What are your responsibilities?

Whoever you are, if you see, hear or know something that concerns you, and suspect that an adult or child is at risk of harm, you must report what you know.

  • Inform a member of staff or Patient Services Department.
  • Contact the local council’s Children Services or Adult Social Care to inform them of any concerns about the abuse of a child or adult.
  • Contact your local police on 101 if you are concerned that an offence may have occurred.
  • Contact the police on 999 if someone is in immediate danger of significant harm, injury or death.
  • You can also report concerns to the Care Quality Commission (CQC) on 03000 61 61 61 if your concern relates to a care organisation i.e. care home, or hospital.

Contact us

Safeguarding Children and Adults: 019 541 0555

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