Sunderland Urology Department covers a wide area including spoke sites at Durham Treatment Centre and South Tyneside. All in-patient procedures are carried out at Sunderland but day case procedures can be carried out at spoke hospitals.

Ward D41 is the Urology ward at Sunderland Royal Hospital and is a 27 bedded mixed ward.

Our Urology Rapid Assessment Unit is a service which can be accessed by patients who require emergency urological assessment. Referrals are taken from your GP, District Nurse, Paramedic pathway and Emergency Department.

We provide service for both urological benign and cancer such as lithotripsy, flexible cystoscopy, vasectomy, andrology and functional urology as well as cancer services for prostate, kidney also provides specialist service cyroablation, testicular, bladder and supra-regional centre for Penile cancer.

Outpatient service provision can be provided at Urology Treatment Centre, Durham Treatment Centre and South Tyneside Hospital.

Contact us

  • Urology Treatment Centre, Sunderland - 0191 5699800
  • Durham Treatment Centre - 0191 5410266
  • Urology Rapid Assessment Unit - 0191 5656256 Ext 47320

Sunderland Royal Hospital

Urology Treatment Centre - 0191 5699800
Urology Investigation Unit - 0191 5410034
Urology PAAC - 0191 541004
Sunderland Royal Hospital Ward D41 - 0191 5699741
Ward D46 - 0191 5699746
Ward D47- 0191 5699747

Finding us

Sunderland Royal Hospital

Urology Treatment Centre
The Urology Treatment Centre is located on Sunderland Royal Hospital B level. The centre has a dedicated entrance located to the right of the hospital main entrance off Kayll Road.

Ward D41

Ward D41 is located on D level of Sunderland Royal Hospital, with access from either Chester Wing Outpatients or Main Entrance by taking the stairs or lift to D level.

Our team

Sunderland Royal Hospital

  • Divisional Director – Sheena Fish
  • Associate Divisional Director - Caroline Bell
  • Directorate Manager – Jen McArdle
  • Clinical Director - Mr Stuart McCracken
  • Matron – Louise Miller

South Tyneside District Hospital

  • Gayle Adams: 0191 404100 Ext 2236
  • Bronia Thomas: 0191 404100 Ext 1197