Published on: 15 January 2020

A magnificent £35,000 donation from The League of Friends at South Tyneside District Hospital will help patients on the road to recovery.

Nurses and allied health professionals such as physiotherapists will have access to seven, new, powered, standing and raising aids to assist them in efficiently moving and mobilising patients.

The equipment, which also provides patients with balance, stepping and walking training, will be available on wards throughout the hospital, including those caring for older people. Supplier Arjo is providing staff with the relevant training.

Steve Jamieson, South Tyneside and Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust’s Director of Estates and Facilities, said: “The League of Friends raises tens of thousands of pounds each year to provide local patients and staff with extra comforts and equipment, for which we’re very grateful. We’re absolutely overwhelmed by the generosity of this latest donation.”

Medical Devices Co-ordinator Clare Williams said: “An integral part of the recovery process for patients is physical rehabilitation, with an emphasis on them regaining and maintaining as much independence as possible. In the light of a growing, ageing population, we envisage an increase in the number of patients who will require physical rehabilitation in hospital. It is, therefore, very beneficial to have a range of effective rehabilitation equipment available, which is why these latest additions will be invaluable.”

League of Friends’ Chair Josie Wigham said: “We have had such an enthusiastic response from staff who say how beneficial the equipment is for patients and also how much easier it makes their job so we are delighted to have been able to provide it for various areas of the hospital.”   

The League of Friends was founded in 1948 – the same year as the NHS. Over the years, its volunteers have raised hundreds of thousands of pounds.