There are many different types of treatments for Cancer, your doctor and nurse can talk through what options are available to you. The type of treatments available will depend upon

  • the type of cancer that you have
  • the stage of your cancer
  • and your general health

Treatments for cancer can have different aims, such as 

  • Curative treatment, given with the aim to cure cancer
  • Adjuvant treatment, given to reduce the risks of cancer recurring (coming back), adjuvant treatment is given after surgery
  • Neo-adjuvant treatment, given with the aim of reducing the size of the cancer before a curative treatment such as surgery, but also with the aim to reduce the risks of cancer recurrance (coming back)
  • Downstaging treatment, is given with the aim of reducing the size of the cancer enough to allow surgery to be performed
  • Palliative treatment, given with the aim of controlling the cancer to reduce the symptoms of cancer, improve quality of life and help you live longer with the cancer

Shared decision making
In order to decide what treatment is best for you, your doctor and nurse will talk to you and you will come to a 'shared decision' about the best way forward. This discussion includes

  • clinical staff expert knowledge about the treatment options that are available, the evidence of what works best and the risks and benefits of treatment
  • what feels right for you, such as your preferences, personal circumstances, goals in life, values and beliefs. In other words what is most important to you

Click here for useful information to help you prepare for the discussion with your hospital doctor about what treatment will be best for you and click here for useful information about consenting to treatment.

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