We are a specialist service, who work with children and young people aged from birth to 18 years, who are unable to complete the daily occupations they need to, want to or are required to do.

Daily life is made up of many occupations such as:

  • Self-care tasks such as feeding, dressing, bathing and brushing teeth.
  • Productivity tasks such as handwriting, using scissors and using a ruler.
  • Leisure activities such as riding a bike and enabling children and young people to be able to play with toys  

We work with the child or young person and their family to identify meaningful goals. We complete a range of assessments to identify any barriers to a child’s occupational performance and use graded meaningful activities to maintain, develop and maximise their independence in their daily occupations.

Contact us

South Tyneside

Children’s Occupational Therapy Department: 0191 402 8067


Children’s Occupational Therapy Department: 0191 569 9123

Monday- Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm

Finding us

South Tyneside

Children’s Occupational Therapy

Palmer Community Hospital

Wear Street


NE32 3UX


Children’s Occupational Therapy

Children’s Centre

Durham Road



Our team

South Tyneside Children’s Occupational Therapy Team Lead- Judith Colborn

Sunderland Children’s Occupational Therapy Team Lead- Nichola Sykes.

Getting referred

South Tyneside

Children can be referred by any health professional. Referrals are accepted for Children and Young People living in South Tyneside, with a South Tyneside GP.


Children can be referred to Children’s Occupational Therapy via their Sunderland Royal Hospital Paediatric Consultant. Referrals are accepted for children living in Sunderland with a Sunderland GP.