We provide a variety of inpatient and outpatient services for children and young people.

Children's Outpatient Services

Consultant lead outpatient clinics are held in the Niall Quinn Outpatient Department for:

  • Allergy
  • Autism
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Community Paediatrics
  • Diabetes
  • Epilepsy
  • Endocrinology
  • Gastroenterology
  • General paediatrics
  • Haematology
  • Lipid disorders
  • Neurodisability
  • Paediatric Emergency Medicine
  • Paediatric Surgery
  • Rapid Access Clinic
  • Respiratory
  • Peripatetic consultant clinics are also held in
  • Cystic fibrosis (RVI)
  • Dermatology (Durham)
  • Endocrinology (RVI)
  • Genetics (RVI)
  • Neurology (RVI)
  • Rheumatology (RVI)
  • Urology and Paediatric Surgery (RVI)


Outpatient clinics are held in Childrens Centre, Durham Road for:

  • Audiology
  • Community Paediatrics
  • Enuresis


Contact Us:

Sunderland Royal Hospital switchboard extension 42064


Finding Us:

Niall Quinn Outpatient Department Sunderland Royal Hospital, or the Children Centre, Durham Road, Sunderland


Our Team:

Paediatric Outpatient Manager: Sharon Thompson          

Divisional General Manager: Jackie Butterworth         

Directorate Manager: Joanna Clark                      

Matron: Richard Allsop                   

Children's Occupational Therapy

What we do

We are a specialist service, who work with children and young people aged from birth to 18 years, who are unable to complete the daily occupations they need to, want to or are required to do.

Daily life is made up of many occupations such as:

  • Self-care tasks such as feeding, dressing, bathing and brushing teeth.
  • Productivity tasks such as handwriting, using scissors and using a ruler.
  • Leisure activities such as riding a bike and enabling children and young people to be able to play with toys  

We work with the child or young person and their family to identify meaningful goals. We complete a range of assessments to identify any barriers to a child’s occupational performance and use graded meaningful activities to maintain, develop and maximise their independence in their daily occupations.


Contact us

South Tyneside

Children’s Occupational Therapy Department: 0191 402 8067


Children’s Occupational Therapy Department: 0191 569 9123

Monday- Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm


Finding us

  • South Tyneside

Children’s Occupational Therapy

Palmer Community Hospital

Wear Street


NE32 3UX

  • Sunderland

Children’s Occupational Therapy

Children’s Centre

Durham Road




Our team

South Tyneside Children’s Occupational Therapy Team Lead- Judith Colborn

Sunderland Children’s Occupational Therapy Team Lead- Nichola Sykes.



South Tyneside

Children can be referred by any health professional. Referrals are accepted for Children and Young People living in South Tyneside, with a South Tyneside GP.


Children can be referred to Children’s Occupational Therapy via their Sunderland Royal Hospital Paediatric Consultant. Referrals are accepted for children living in Sunderland with a Sunderland GP.


Paediatric Community Audiology

This service offers a screening service for children up to the age of 16 where there are professional or carer concerns about hearing or if a child has had an unsatisfactory School Hearing Screen.

Referral is usually made by the Health Visitor or School Nurse, but any health professional can refer with parent/carer permission.

This department works closely with Ear, Nose and Throat and our hospital audiology services.  Clinics are held at Sunderland Royal Hospital, the Galleries Health Centre, Central Clinic and Children’s Centre.

Contact Us

0191 5656256 extension 45266

Finding Us

Community Audiology, Central Clinic, Children’s Centre, Durham Road, Sunderland SR3 4AF

Our Team

Associate Specialist: Dr Gemma Ward
Secretary: Janet Hill
Divisional General Manager: Jackie Butterworth
Directorate Manager: Joanna Clark    
Matron: Richard Allsop   

Paediatric Respiratory Service

Our Paediatric Respiratory Service provides outpatient clinics to manage children with common paediatric respiratory conditions including asthma, pre-school wheeze, lower respiratory tract infections, and chronic cough. 

We assess children presenting with breathlessness, wheeze, noisy breathing and obstructive sleep apnoea.  We provide care for children with complex chronic respiratory diseases including chronic lung disease of prematurity. 

Contact Us:

Sunderland Royal Hospital Switchboard 0191 5656256

Finding Us:

Department of Paediatrics and the Niall Quinn Centre, Sunderland Royal Hospital, Kayll Road

Sunderland SR4 7TP

Our Team:

Consultant Paediatrician with a Specialist Respiratory Interest: Dr Prashant Kumar

Consultant Paediatrician with a Specialist Respiratory Interest: Dr Katherine Eastham   

Paediatric Respiratory Nurse Specialist: Kim Coxall  

Divisional General Manager: Jackie Butterworth  

Directorate Manager: Joanna Clark 

Matron: Richard Allsop

Paediatric TB Service

The Paediatric TB Service provides a monthly outpatient clinic to screen and manage children who have had contact with active TB, aiming to offer an initial assessment within 14 days of referral. 

We monitor children treated for active TB infection and latent TB infection closely in clinic and undertake contact tracing.  We also provide BCG assessments for children eligible to receive BCG vaccination, including missed neonatal BCG vaccine, in accordance with National Guidelines (NICE).  We work closely with the Adult TB Nurse Specialist and Respiratory Team, the Tertiary Paediatric TB Service, Great North Children’s Hospital, and Public Health England to ensure a coordinated multidisciplinary Team approach. 

Contact Us

Sunderland Royal Hospital switchboard 0191 5656256

Finding Us

Our Department of Paediatrics and the Niall Quinn Children’s Centre can be found at Sunderland Royal Hospital, Kayll Road, Sunderland SR4 7TP.

Our Team

Divisional General Manager: Jackie Butterworth
Directorate Manager: Joanna Clark    
Matron: Richard Allsop   

Consultant Paediatrician: Dr Rhona McCrone

Paediatric Development and Disability

Our Paediatric Disability Service consists of a team of consultants and trainees with expertise in paediatric disability.

Who can refer to the paediatric diability service?

Parents can seek referral via their GP, Health Visitor or any other professional involved in their care.
If Nursery or School staff are making a referral, it is better for this to be via the GP if possible, in order to optimise communication and reduce the risk of duplication.

Why should a child or young person be referred to the paediatric disability service?

If there are concerns that a child or young person may have a disability or is following a different developmental journey to other children their age, it can be important to identify any health conditions or diagnoses that can be made.

This is so that an explanation can be given for the child, young person and their family as to why they are different, how this might affect them now and in the future.

We know that in the absence of other explanations about why a child is different, parents, especially mothers, tend to blame themselves, thinking it was something they did or didn’t do when they were pregnant or in parenting that has made their child as they are.

Having the right diagnosis or diagnoses:

  • Can help the paediatrician to explain what the child’s functioning is likely to be like now and in the future, answering all the important questions that parents want to know: Will she walk? Will he talk? Will she need special support in education? Will she grow up to have a job, have relationships?
  • Can help with access to genetic counselling. This means explaining the chances for a family of having other children with the same diagnoses and also explaining the chances of the child themselves having children with the same diagnosis.
  • Can help get the management right and to enable early intervention to be put in place, where there is good evidence that this makes a positive difference.
  • Can help the paediatrician to think about what else might be going on, that may impact on the child’s ability to take part in everyday activities or enjoy the best possible quality of life
  • Stops the need for more tests, which can be painful for the child and inconvenient for the family
  • Can open doors to the right support and information

Where to get support

There are various places that you can get support, whilst waiting for an appointment, diagnosis or in case of any concerns.

Contact a Family North East
The Dene Centre, Castle Farm Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE3 1PH
Freephone: 0808 808 3555
North East Office number: 0191 213 6300

email: northeast.office@cafamily.org.uk

Sunderland Carer’s Centre
Thompson Park, Thompson Park Road, Sunderland SR5 1SF
Telephone: 0191 549 3768
Email: info@sunderlandcarers.co.uk

Durham County Carers Support
Unit 1, Hutton Close, South Church Enterprise Park, Bishop Auckland, County Durham DL14 6LG
Telephone: 0300 005 1213

Sunderland, Washington and Coalfields Parent Carer Council
Sunderland Carer’s Centre, Thompson Park, Thompson Park Road, Sunderland SR5 1SF
Telephone: 0191 549 3768
Email: swcpcc@gmail.com

City Equals
City Equals is a group representing the voice of young people with learning disabilities or difficulties living in Sunderland
Telephone: 0191 561 7401
Email: angela.mills@sunderland.gov.uk

Sunderland Network for Disabled Children
Tel: 0191 520 5553
Email: LifeandFamily@sunderland.gov.uk

Children and Young People’s Network County Durham
Communications, Marketing and Information Team, County Hall, Durham DH1 5UG
Telephone: 03000 265 792
Email: CYPN@durham.gov.uk

Contact Us
Sunderland Royal Hospital: Switchboard 0191 5656256
Dr Madhuri Dasarathi, Consultant Neurodisability extension 42486
Dr Carl Harvey, Consultant Neurodisability extension 42490
Dr Karen Horridge, Consultant Neurodisability extension 42485

Finding Us
We are based at the Niall Quinn Centre at Sunderland Royal Hospital, with outreach in the communities of Sunderland, Washington, Coalfields and North Easington.

Our Team
Consultant Neurodisability- Dr Madhuri Dasarathi   
Consultant Neurodisability- Dr Carl Harvey                 
Consultant Neurodisability -Dr Karen Horridge          
Divisional General Manager- Jackie Butterworth        
Directorate Manager- Joanna Clark                     
Matron- Richard Allsop                 

Community Children’s Nursing Service

This is a generic children’s nursing service for children age 0-18. We provide care for children with acute and long term health needs in their home. As named nurses and delivering community based care we aim to:

  • Facilitate early discharge from hospital to continue care at home
  • Prevent unnecessary hospital admissions
  • Reduce out- patient visits
  • Act as a link between the community and hospital and all other agencies involved with the family
  • We recognise that each child, young person and family units are individuals and have individual needs. We assess the physical, emotional and social needs of the child and family
  • Teach and support families with skills and knowledge to enable them to be cared for in the community
  • Actively promote health education

Contact Us

0191 5699975


Finding Us

Niall Quinn Children’s Centre, Sunderland Royal Hospital

Our Team

Generic Community Children’s Nurses: Jill McDermott, Paula Mulvaney and Laura Thompson                 
Nursery Nurses: Claire Cook and Tina Pitchford
Divisional General Manager: Jackie Butterworth
Directorate Manager: Joanna Clark    
Matron: Richard Allsop   

Sunderland Children and Young People’s Diabetes Service

Sunderland Children’s Diabetes Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) serves the population of Sunderland, North Easington and surrounding areas. The core team currently comprises 4 consultant paediatricians (0.8 WTE), 4 Children’s Diabetes Specialist Nurses (CDSNs) (4 WTE), 1 Health Care Assistant (0.49 WTE), 1 Psychological Therapist (0.5 WTE), 3 Specialist Diabetes Dieticians (SDD) (0.75 WTE),  one secretary (1 WTE), and 1 Admin Officer (0.5 WTE).

The service supports children with diabetes from 0-19 years old. There are usually around 180 CYP in the service. We work with children, young people, their family’s/carers as well as any involved in their lives, for example teachers, social workers, health and other professionals, social group leaders, to support, educate and empower, managing their diabetes throughout their ever changing life.

We have close links with colleagues in the adult diabetes service which ensures smooth transition to this service and  with South Tyneside Paediatric diabetes MDT service.

We are part of the North East and Cumbria  Children’s and young people’s regional paediatric diabetes network. We are involved in national paediatric diabetes audit (NPDA) Patient Reported Experience Measure (PREM) and peer review.

The team have recently undertaken the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child health Quality Improvement collaborative for children and young people   

Contact Us

Main hospital switchboard 0191 5656256
Paediatric Team 0191 569 9794

Finding Us

Out-patient facilities for both children and young people are provided at the Niall Quinn Children’s Centre at Sunderland Royal Hospital in a variety of age banded clinics.  Transition and Transfer clinics are held in the adult Diabetes and Metabolic Medicine Unit at Sunderland Royal Hospital.

Our Team

Diabetes Nurses: Lisa Wilson, Allison Young, Julie Evans, Ann Berry and Paula Mulvaney
Divisional General Manager: Jackie Butterworth
Directorate Manager: Joanna Clark    
Matron: Richard Allsop   

Children’s Epilepsy Service

We provide an epilepsy service to Children and Young people aged 0 – 19 years in Sunderland and surrounding areas.  Referrals are via GP’s, Paediatric Emergency Care Department and Inpatient wards, children are initially seen by a Consultant Paediatrician with a specialist interest in epilepsy or a Consultant Paediatrician with expertise in epilepsy and neuro-disability as required.

Contact Us

Phone: 0191 5699805
Email: Lisa.Emmerson@chsft.nhs.uk or lisa.emmerson1@nhs.net

Finding Us

Based in the Niall Quinn Children’s Centre, Sunderland Royal Hospital, Kayll Road, Sunderland, SR4 7TP.

Our Team

Children’s Epilepsy Specialist Nurse: Lisa Emmerson
Consultant Paediatrician: Dr Geoff Lawson
Neurodisability Consultant: Dr Karen Horridge
Neurodisability Consultant: Dr Carl Harvey
Neurodisability Consultant: Dr Madhuri Dasarathi
Divisional General Manager: Jackie Butterworth
Directorate Manager: Joanna Clark    
Matron: Richard Allsop   

Paediatric Allergy Service

The Paediatric Allergy Service is a high quality, patient centred service for food allergy, Rhinitis, Atopic Asthma and Eczema.

We can also provide Grazax immunotherapy for hay fever and Omalizumab service here. Our Allergy Service has grown significantly and attracts more than 200 new patients, over 100 oral food challenges day cases and over 200 skin prick testing per year.

Service was instrumental in developing a model ‘Community Anaphylaxis programme for schools and Early years settings’ presented in national’ presented in national conferences including NHS HEE 'Improving Patient Safety, The Collaborative Working' 2016 and  BSACI conference 2012.

Allergy service helped improving and awareness about the Food Information Regulations (FIRs) on allergen labelling by doing trust wide Clinical Governance work which will improve the safety of the patients at risk of food allergies.

Our team consists of an allergy consultant, nurses and dietician who are passionate about their work and are able to deliver ‘One Stop Food Allergy Service’ to many of our children.  Our passion about the allergy has been recognised and we won the year’s most prestigious National ‘Clinical Team Allergy Hero Award’ 2016 in London through public nomination.

Contact Us

Sunderland Royal Hospital Switchboard 0191 5656256

Finding Us

Niall Quinn Children’s Centre, Kayll Road, Sunderland SR4 7TP

Our Team

Consultant Paediatrician - Dr Prashant Kumar
Senior Specialised Dietician - Heather Allaway
Divisional General Manager - Jackie Butterworth
Directorate Manager - Joanna Clark
Matron - Richard Allsop   

Paediatric Gastroenterology Service

Our paediatric gastroenterology team work with children and young people with Crohns and Colitis IBDU, Coeliac and complex constipation and more. We work closely with staff on all paediatric wards regionally and facilitate home visits and support within the community setting and training. We are also available to offer advice and reassurance and management over the telephone.

Our out-patient facilities for both children and young people are provided at the Niall Quinn Children’s Centre at Sunderland Royal Hospital throughout County Durham in a variety of age banded clinics.  Transition and Transfer clinics are held in the Niall Quinn Children’s Centre and County Durham with support from the adult gastroenterology team.

Contact Us:

Phone: 0191 5656256 extension 42489 or  07799663518
Email: helen.wood28@nhs.net

Finding Us:

Niall Quinn Children's Centre, Sunderland Royal Hospital

Our Team:

Paediatric Gastroenterology Specialist Nurse: Helen Wood
Consultant: Dr Darren Bresnen
Consultant: Dr Andrew Mellon
Divisional General Manager: Jackie Butterworth
Directorate Manager: Joanna Clark    
Matron: Richard Allsop

Paediatric Enuresis Service

Our Enuresis Service offers assessment of the case for possible cause, medical intervention, support and advice to children and young people with day and/or night time wetting problems.

Initial discussion should take place with the school nurse or general practitioner before referral is made.

Contact Us

Sunderland Royal Hospital Switchboard 0191 5656256 extension 45266.

Finding Us

Central Clinic, Children’s Centre, Durham Road, Sunderland SR3 4AD

Our Team

Associate Specialist - Dr Sulbah Desai    
Divisional General Manager - Jackie Butterworth
Directorate Manager - Joanna Clark
Matron - Richard Allsop

Specialist School Nursing Service

Our role is to work in partnership with the child/young person, family, other health care professionals, education and social care.

To promote the health of the child, prevent disease, support with the individual complex health needs and support and maintain access to education. The team uses a multi-disciplinary approach by working with external agencies and fellow healthcare professionals, in order to meet the child/young person’s individual health needs. This is facilitated by:

  • Providing specific health needs training and support to education staff.
  • Contributing to the development of documentation such as education health care plans and individual health care plans.
  • Providing home visits where needed.
  • Supporting and assist other health professionals within the school environment.
  • Providing specialist interventions including, Gastrostomy/NG tube care, Tracheostomy care and suctioning.
  • Providing initial assessment of the child/young person who become unwell within Portland academy and Sunningdale school
  • Transition support.
  • Contributing to the safeguarding agenda.

The service operates Monday – Friday 08:30-16:30, excluding bank holidays and is not restricted to term time only.  There is a Specialist School Nurse based within Sunningdale School and Portland Academy. 

Advice and support to mainstream schools is also offered to Children and Young people with special educational needs with an associated health need and/or complex health need. Pupils of Sunningdale School and Portland Academy have open access to the service. The child/young person can self-refer or are referred by their family, education staff or other health professional. All other referrals can be made via telephone contact or written referral.

Contact Us

During Term Time:
Sunningdale - 0191 528044 0/ 07500571709 kristy.ramsey@nhs.net  
Portland - 03339991455 / 07500571624
School Holidays:
0191 5656256 / 07500571709 / 07500571624

Finding Us

During Term Time:
Sunningdale School     Portland Academy
Shaftoe Road         Weymouth Road
Springwell             Chapelgarth
Sunderland             Sunderland
SR34HA             SR3 2NQ

School Holidays:
Niall Quinn Children’s Centre
Sunderland Royal Hospital
Kayll Road

Our Team:

Specialist School Nurse: Kristy Ramsey
Divisional General Manager: Jackie Butterworth
Directorate Manager: Joanna Clark    
Matron: Richard Allsop   

Niall Quinn Children’s Centre (Children’s Out Patient Department at Sunderland Royal Hospital)

The Niall Quinn Children’s Centre (NQCC) is the children’s outpatient department at Sunderland Royal Hospital. The NQCC is a 10 consultation room children’s outpatient, purposed designed stand-alone department. It has direct access to the main hospital and the paediatric wards.

The NQCC sees children requiring the following speciality; general paediatrics, respiratory, allergies, diabetes, epilepsy, endocrine, neuro-disability, gastroenterology and the holds a weekly paediatric cardiac clinic held in the Neonatal Unit.

Open hours: Monday – Friday 08.30 – 17.00 closed all bank holidays and weekends.

Contact Us

0191 569 9868

Finding Us

On entering the Kayll Road entrance the NQCC can be found directly to the right

Our Team

Department Manager: Sharon Thompson
Divisional General Manager: Jackie Butterworth
Directorate Manager: Joanna Clark    
Matron: Richard Allsop   

Central Clinic (Children’s Out Patient Department, Children’s Centre, Durham Road)

Central Clinic is 4 consultation room children’s outpatient department.  This less clinical area reviews children requiring hearing tests and vulnerable children requiring medical support. The NQCC nursing staff supports this clinical area.

Opening Hours: Monday – Thursday 0830-1700 closed all bank holidays, weekends and Fridays.

Contact Us

0191 5656256 reception extension 45266, nurse’s extension 45225

Finding us

On entering the car park from Durham Road, turn first left and enter through the side door, turn left to the top/end of the corridor, turn right to entrance to Central Clinic.

Our Team

This is a medically led service.

Nurse supporting service: Sister Sharon Thompson    
Divisional General Manager: Jackie Butterworth
Directorate Manager: Joanna Clark    
Matron: Richard Allsop

Additional services at Sunderland Royal Hospital

  • Children's Emergency Services
  • Children's Inpatient Services
  • Children's Outpatient Services
  • Community Paediatrics

Finding Us

Children's inpatient services are provided at Sunderland Royal Hospital in wards F63, F64 and F65.
Children's outpatient services are primary based in the Niall Quinn Children's Centre, which is onsite at Sunderland Royal Hospital accessed by Kayll Road. Some community and outpatient services are also provided at the Children's Centre, Durham Road.

Sunderland Royal Hospital also has a dedicated Children's Emergency Department. This is located between the hospital main entrance and Adult Emergency Department, also accessed from Kayll Road.

Contact us


  • Central Clinic 0191 5656256 ext 45266
  • Community Children's Nurses 0191 5656256
  • Niall Quinn Children's Centre 0191 5656256 ext 42063
  • Ward F63 0191 5699763
  • Ward F64 0191 5699764
  • Ward F65 0191 5699765

Our Team

Divisional General Manager - Jacquie Butterworth
Directorate Manager - Joanna Clark
Clinical Director - Dr Geoff Lawson
Matron - Richard Allsop

South Tyneside 0-19 Health Team

Our 0-19 service consists of health visitors, school nurses, nursery nurses , staff nurse’s,  health care assistants and school nursing assistants.  

The 0-19 team work as part of wider community teams with GP, midwives, Children’s Centres, Paediatricians, Speech Therapists, Nurseries, Schools, Sexual Health Services to provide care and support to promote children’s’ well-being and prevention of harm.

Our 0-5 team offer home visits to all families in the community of South Tyneside, from pregnancy through to school entry, as recommended by the national Child Health Promotion Programme. If you’re a parent, the team will support you with your own health needs and will help you develop a healthy lifestyle. They also provide ‘drop in’ baby clinics and tailor support to your child’s individual and family needs. Every child has a named health visitor until they reach school entry.

Our 5-19 team works with schools to plan and deliver health promotion sessions and events, regarding lifestyle issues. School staff are also offered training around chronic disease management. The team also carry out health assessments and screenings, advice and support for both children and parents/carers on health issues such as growth and development, healthy eating, weight management, behaviour issues, sexual health, smoking and mental health.

Contact Us

0-5 years 0191 2831508
0-19 years 0191 2832189

Finding Us

We are based at: Clarendon, Windmill Way, Hebburn, Tyne & Wear

Our Team

Maureen Jobling – Safe Care Lead 0-19 West Team - maureen.jobling@stft.nhs.uk
Trudy Cave – Safe Care lead 0-19 East Team -  trudy.cave@stft.nhs.uk

Children's Speech and Language Therapy Services

We provide comprehensive services for children and young people (CYP) in South Tyneside, who have difficulties with speech, language and communication (SLC) and/or eating, drinking or swallowing (EDS) difficulties.  Our role includes assessment and diagnosis of difficulties in these areas. Therapy may include the provision of advice and programmes to parents, carers and education staff, individual or group therapy or the provision of an alternative means of communication.

We support CYP and their families to adapt and manage changes, in all areas of their lives relating to communication and/or feeding/swallowing difficulties.

We work in partnership with agencies especially Social Services, Local Authority and charitable organisations to reduce the impact of these isolating difficulties on CYPs well-being.

Our aim is to maximise the communication potential of all CYP who have SLC difficulties and to ensure safe, effective feeding for children with EDS, working as part of  the multi-disciplinary team.
We operate an open referral system. Referral forms can be obtained by contacting the relevant department.

Finding Us

Department of Speech and Language, Cleadon Park Primary Care Centre, Prince Edward Road, South Shields. NE34 8PS

Clinics are provided in South Shields at the following venues:
Stanhope Parade Health Centre
Cleadon Park Primary Care Centre
Palmer Community Hospital in Jarrow.
Children are also seen in Early Years, Nursery and school settings in South Tyneside, including Hedworthfield Language Unit and Harton Secondary Resource base, Fellgate Autistic Unit and 3 local Special Schools.

Contact Us

For all enquiries relating to Children’s SLT in South Tyneside contact:
Department of Speech and Language, Cleadon Park Primary Care Centre, Prince Edward Road, South Shields. NE34 8PS
Tel: 0191 283 2484
Email: ChildrensSpeechandLanguage@stft.nhs.uk

Hours of Operation are from Monday to Friday 8.30am - 5.00pm. Answer-phone facility at other times.
Our teams comprise of Speech and Language Therapists and Speech and Language Therapy Assistants working in the areas of Community Paediatrics and Special Needs. All staff can be contacted via the Department - details above.

South Tyneside’s Children’s Physiotherapy Service

We are a small team of physiotherapists who specialise in the assessment and treatment of children from birth to eighteen years (or until they leave special school aged nineteen years), who have a general delay, disorder of movement, disability or illness, which may be improved, controlled or alleviated by physiotherapy intervention.  We are based at Palmer Hospital in Jarrow, but we also work into South Tyneside schools / colleges, pre-school environments and family homes as required.

Contact us

Telephone: 0191 4028038

Finding us

Children’s Physiotherapy Service,
Palmer Community Hospital,
Wear Street, Jarrow
Tyne & Wear
NE32 3UX 

Our Team

Clinical Lead Physiotherapist – Mel Hurst