The 0-19 team in South Tyneside monitor, assess, promote and support the health and wellbeing of all children and young people between 0-19 years. They work in partnership with parents/carers and other agencies to ensure every child has the Best Start in Life.

The team includes health visitors, school nurses, public health nurses, nursery nurses, school nurse assistants, health care assistants and admin.

All 0-19 contacts with children, their families or their carers are based around the National Healthy Child Programme.

0-5 Years - Every child that lives in the borough has a named health visitor from pre-birth to school entry. There is no referral pathway into service as this is automatic at either birth or upon transferring into the borough. All 0-5 contacts are offered either in the family home, a clinic, nursery or children centre setting. Contacts include monitoring the overall growth and development of the baby/child, offering support and advice to parents/carers including maternal mental health, feeding & nutrition, safe home environments and minor illness. Additional support is offered to vulnerable families, children with additional needs and children in need of protection.

5-19 Years - All school age children have access to the School Nursing service and Young People aged between 11-19 years old also have access to a confidential text messaging service called CHATHealth which is staffed by the School Nursing Team. School nursing contacts include height & weight measurements in reception and year 6, vision screening in reception, targeted public health sessions in secondary schools which cover a wide range of health promotion topics. The service also offers children and young people 1:1 health appointments for a wide range of health needs and provide yearly teacher awareness sessions around managing medical conditions in schools.

A key aspect of 0-19 service is to work closely with all partner agencies to ensure every child in South Tyneside is safe and has the best start in life.

Meet the Team

The team are based at Clarendon, Windmill Way, Hebburn, NE31 1AT.

Key Contacts:

  • Health Visiting: 0191 2831508 

  • School Nursing: 0191 2832189

  • Trudy Cave, Clinical Team Manager 0-19 service - 0191 2831770
  • Jill Cordiner, Clinical Team Manager for West 0-5 and 5-19 - 0191 2831724
  • Eve Gray - Clinical Team Manager for East 0-19 service - 0191 2832979

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