The Trust's Multiple Sclerosis (MS) service is provided from Sunderland Royal Hospital and provides specialist neurological and nursing care to our patients with MS in Sunderland and the surrounding area. Our priority is the timely and accurate diagnosis and treatment of MS.

We work closely with colleagues in physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and language, podiatry, continence services and rehabilitation medicine.

We offer the full range of licensed disease modifying treatments (DMTs) and have developed links with colleagues in cardiology, haematology and endocrinology to ensure the safe delivery and monitoring of these drugs.


Contact us

Dr Petheram’s secretary - 0191 5656256 extension 42778
Barbara Wingrove's secretary- 0191 569 9850


Finding us

Outpatient appointments are provided at Sunderland Royal Hospital, Chester Wing outpatients.
Disease Modifying Treatments are provided at the Phoneix Unit, Sunderland Royal Hospital D floor.



Our team

Consultant neurologist - Dr Kate Petheram
MS nurse consultant - Barbara Wingrove