The Multiple Sclerosis service provides care for patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) in the local and surrounding area. 

We run consultant and nurse led clinics.  Most patients will be referred to the service after an initial diagnosis of MS has been made by a general neurologist. Sometimes further tests are required to confirm the diagnosis. This may involve further scans, blood tests and sometimes a lumbar puncture. 

Patients will be seen by a neurologist with a special interest in MS to confirm the diagnosis and to make decisions regarding disease modifying therapies (DMTs). We will also help manage the symptoms caused by MS. Patients will be seen by our MS specialist Nurse in order to provide further support and information regarding the diagnosis, decisions surrounding DMT choice and symptom management. 

We provide a full range of DMTs. Infusions are given on the medical day unit at Sunderland Royal Hospital. Some of the drugs require blood monitoring which will be arranged by the team. 

Patients with more advanced MS may be referred to our Neurorehabilitation consultant. For complex symptoms we may refer patients to the regional services such as the neuro-rehabilitation service at Walkergate Park for treatments such as botulinum toxin, functional electrical stimulation and intrathecal baclofen.

The MS service is supported by our MS Coordinator who also acts a contact point for patient queries such as those around medication and new or worsening symptoms. 

We work closely with the Neuro-physiotherapy team and aim to provide physiotherapy input and advice regarding living well, managing a patient’s condition throughout the course of their disease to enable people to optimise activity levels.

There are a range of other health care professionals who may also be involved in order to provide care and support to patients with MS. These include continence teams, speech and language therapists, dietitians, podiatrists, pharmacy, community occupational therapy, wheelchair services and more. 

Contact us

Victoria Jones MS Coordinator - 0191 5656256 extension 47152

Finding us

We currently provide our services through Chester Wing main outpatient department in Sunderland Royal Hospital, accessible via Entrance 5 on Chester Road.
Telephone clinics and Virtual/Video consultation are available alongside traditional face to face appointments.

Disease modifying therapies (DMT's) are given on the medical day case unit (MDCU) currently based in C37 accessible via Entrance 3 on Hylton Road.   

Our team

Consultant Neurologists:

Dr Kate Petheram 
Dr Gemma Maxwell

Consultant Neurorehabilitation:
Dr Naweed Sattar

MS Specialist Nurse:
Carmel Wilkinson 

MS Coordinator:
Victoria Jones 

MS Physiotherapist:
Jill Farrell