Our Specialist Pain Management Service provides treatment for adults with persistent pain. The emphasis is on developing self-management strategies to increase a sense of control and to minimise the negative impact of living with persistent pain.

The aim of treatment within this service is to improve quality of life and will focus on what is most relevant to the individual, and may include:-

  • Improving patients understanding of persistent pain.
  • Examining the way patients think about their pain, so that they can change unhelpful behaviours or habits.
  • Developing behavioural pain management strategies
  • Increasing functional activities and general fitness
  • Developing techniques to manage mood and stress related difficulties related to persistent pain.
  • Treatment may be delivered in group and / or individual sessions following assessment.

Our team

Our service is provided by a multi-disciplinary team of specialist professionals:

Allan Winthrop –Principal Counselling Psychologist and Service Lead

Sister Melanie Chapman – Specialist Nurse in Pain Management

Yvette Booth – Specialist Physiotherapist in Pain Management

Finding us

We are based at Sunderland Royal Hospital on the 4th Floor of Chester Lodge. Chester Lodge is most easily accessed by the Chester Road entrance and is located opposite Outpatients Entrance 5, across the car park.

Contact us

Clinical Health Psychology Services

Chester Lodge

Sunderland Royal Hospital


Direct Line – 0191 5410058

Main hospital number – 0191 5656256 Extension - 40058

Opening hours

The service is available Monday to Friday 9:00am – 4:00pm


Referral need to be made by a doctor. We accept referrals from GPs, Pain Consultants, Doctors in Rhematology and Musculoskeletal services and Physiotherapists.

Useful links

Action on Pain 

Providing support and advise for people effected by chronic pain

The Pain Toolkit

This website offers a range of useful resources and information on managing persistent pain

The British Pain Society

This website is useful for up to date information on current research for both patients and professionals

Recovery Strategies – pain guidebook- by Dr Greg Lehman