Free Online Condom Scheme

In response to COVID-19 and social distancing guidance:

Gateshead & South Tyneside Sexual Health service has launched a new free online Condom Distribution scheme to increase wider community access to barrier forms of contraception.

If you are aged 16 or over and live in Gateshead or South Tyneside you can order free condoms direct to your door.

The online free condom scheme aims to help support and increase access to condoms, providing further options to improve your sexual health through access to contraceptive method’s reducing infection risk and prevent unwanted pregnancy.

If you live in Sunderland please contact the C Card Condom Scheme for orders by visiting the following link

Getting condoms easily will help to improve your sexual health. Please click the order button below  and we will process your request. Before you order your free condom kits please watch our Condom Demonstration video here.

Important information about ordering condoms

  • Please only request condoms for yourself
  • You must provide a forename and surname and a full delivery address
  • You must provide a valid telephone number in case we need to contact you about your order .  
  • The condom kit contents include 8 regular Condoms, Instructions and local Sexual Health Clinic Information

It is advised that even when using condoms you consider regular screening for sexually transmitted infections and if there is ever a condom failure seek advice about emergency contraception.

Emergency contraception can be accessed at both your local sexual health clinics, local pharmacies and also your GP

For further information on local service access please visit:

For Gateshead:

For South Tyneside:

How do I receive my condoms

Upon completion of the below form: Condoms will be sent to you in a plain packaged envelope within 10 working days.

Condom kits are packaged  in a small envelope that will be posted through your letter box.

Where else can I get free condoms?

Free Condoms are also available from many locations across Gateshead & South Tyneside including Pharmacies and GP’s

Please visit the below website’s for further information on community venues offering Free Condoms and Chlamydia & Gonorrhoea Testing

If you are under 16 condoms are still available from our sexual health clinics.

For Gateshead: Please call 0191 2831577

For South Tyneside: Please call 0191 4028191

If you have any queries about your online order, please contact us on 0191 4028191

A confidential online service

Sexual Health services are strictly confidential.

We provide a safe, secure online confidential encrypted platform to order condom kits.

As a service we understand the importance of keeping your information secure and confidential.

The only time a professional might want to tell someone else is if they believe there is a risk to your safety or welfare, such as abuse.

Sexual Health and Safety

Safe, caring relationships are important and exploration of sex is considered a normal part of developing and growing up. We are fully committed to protecting young people under our care in accordance with child safeguarding protocols so while your privacy, choices and confidentiality are protected within this free online condom scheme, professionals will make enquiries and seek to protect you if they feel you are at risk of harm.

South Tyneside & Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust aims to promote quick and easy access to barrier forms of contraception and encourage important health and lifestyle choices.

Don’t forget that sexual healthcare can be easily accessed at our Hub and Spoke Clinics so feel free to contact us if you have any outstanding questions or needs.

Getting condoms easily will help to improve your sexual health.

Please click the order button below  and we will process your request.

You can order free condoms by filling out the form below: