The Fracture Liaison Service systematically identifies all patients aged 50 and over presenting to Trauma and Orthopaedics both inpatients and outpatients after sustaining a fragility fracture [a fracture that happens after falling from a standing height or less.]

The service provides:

  • A multifactorial bone health assessment
  • Referral for bone mineral density scanning [DEXA]
  • Referral to other specialist services i.e. falls, alcohol/smoking cessation
  • Liaise with GP’s
  • Verbal/written advice regarding bone health 
  • Treatment recommendations 
  • Telephone follow up at 120 days to check compliance with treatment and offer further support and advice

Since 2014 over 8000 patients have been seen by the service. Many of these patients would not have had any attention paid to their bone health prior to the Fracture Liaison Service and would have been discharged without being offered advice, investigations and treatment. These patients would have been unaware they had osteopenia/osteoporosis increasing their risk of representing with a more serious injury in the future.

Who we are

Julie Walmsley
Service Manager

Tracey Wharton
Fracture Liaison Nurse

Chris Divers
Fracture Liaison Nurse

Mandy Sampson
0191 5656256 

Where we are based

The Fracture Clinic [Entrance 3] Sunderland Royal Hospital.