Our Vascular service is based at Sunderland and delivers all aspects of arterial and venous care providing invasive and surgical interventions.

The team consists of five consultants, three Vascular Nurse Specialists as well as radiologists, anaesthetists, ward staff, secretarial and data support and junior staff.

For fifteen years Sunderland Royal Hospital has been the inpatient hub site, with South Tyneside Hospital being the outpatient spoke site.

We offer treatment for:

  • Aortic aneurysms (swelling of the main blood vessel in the stomach).
  • Carotid disease (narrowing of the neck arteries) This is to clean out the artery to reduce the risk of future stroke.
  • Peripheral vascular disease. This is the blockage or narrowing of the arteries to the legs or arms causing pain or gangrene. This often requires imaging using an angiogram and can usually also be treated this way.
  • Varicose veins. These can be treated by foam sclerotherapy, endovenous laser therapy.
  • (EVLT) depending on suitability.

Contact us

Ward C36: 0191 5699736

Finding us

Our vascular ward C36 is based in Sunderland Royal Hospital and can be found on floor C.

Our team

Clinical Director - Mr Andrew Brown
Directorate Manager - Rebecca Dempster
Matron - Denise Simpson
Clinical Lead - Mr Paul Dunlop


  • Mr Andrew Brown
  • Mr Ben Banerjee
  • Mr Phil Davey
  • Mr Paul Dunlop
  • Mr Klaus Overbeck
  • Mr Adriano Sala Tenna
  • Mr Gareth Tervit
  • Mr Shanmu Vetrivel


  • Judith Middlemiss
  • Joanne Hall
  • Lee Hazell

Vascular Nurse Specialists

  • Sister Ruth Chipp
  • Sister Florrie Mowatt
  • Sister Gemma Davison
  • Elaine Irving


Ward C36 Vascular Ward

Ward Manager - Sister Jan Willis
Junior Sister - Louisa Calangi
Junior Sister - Joanne Donkin