The Patient Experience team are committed to understanding and enhancing the experience of our patients, service users, carers and family members whilst accessing services within our Trust. 

Who we are

Lesley Carlton
Lead Nurse-Patient Experience

Susan Clark
Patient Experience Facilitator

Alison McNally 
Patient Experience Facilitator

Marie Abbott 
Volunteer Liaison Coordinator

Michelle McKinney
Patient Experience Assistant

Debbie Hope 
Bereavement Officer

Tobi Oladipo
Armed Forced Healthcare Lead

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Carers Rights Day 2022


Carers Rights Day 2022: Caring Costs

Thursday 24th November   

This year’s theme, for Carers Rights Day is Caring costs. Examples of the costs of caring are listed below– 

  • The cost to a carers’ wellbeing and ability to access health services
  • The financial cost associated with looking after someone
  • The cost of a career or employment options
  • Cost of the quality of relationships
  • Current cost of living crisis

It is important if you have recently become a carer or have been for many years understand their rights to access the support that is available to them as soon as they need it

We want to empower carers with information and support, so they feel confident to ask what they need and can challenge when their rights are not being met.

On Monday 21st November, Sunderland Council Adult Social Care Service and associated partners will be in the main concourse, B Floor, Sunderland Royal Hospital to provide information and offer assessments. They are also looking to consult carers on what is important to them to inform the local Carers Strategy.

If you want to pop along the event is taking place from 12.30-4.00pm.

On Thursday 24th November, South Tyneside Adult Carers and Sunderland Carers Centre will be holding events. Our Patient Experience Team will be attending these events to promote the Carer Passport Scheme available for Carers within our hospitals and gather feedback from those who may have recently used the resource. Click here for more information.