We are a regional centre for bariatric surgery providing surgical weight management services to patients who are clinically obese.

There are various steps that you must undertake before qualifying for our services.

Firstly, you will need to attend a group session where you will meet the team, find out about the service and options. This is followed by a follow up appointment with one of our specialist nurses, who will discuss your personal medical history with you, and one of our dietitians who will discuss your eating patterns and lifestyle. At this point you will be given a weight loss target.

To help you achieve your weight loss target and additionally help you attain a healthy balanced diet, you will be required to attend a Healthy Eating Programme and work with a dietician. This programme will be run in group sessions with a maximum of 10 patients per group. You are welcome to have a carer or family member to attend the group session with you. There will be four group sessions in total which will last for two hours and are run fortnightly in various locations.

These sessions will cover a variety of interesting and helpful topics that are fully aimed at supporting patients throughout their bariatric journey. On successful completion of this program, you will be given final review after a month where it will be determined if you have achieved your weight loss target. If you have not achieved your weight loss then you may be given some extra time to do this.

Following this the team will discuss your case and will consider if you are eligible for surgery. Some patients may not be suitable for surgery even if they achieve weight loss.

Patients trying to lose weight will also be supported by the bariatric specialist nurses.

For more information prior to being accepted for surgery, and the different types of surgery, please read the information leaflet below.

A bariatric guide to methods of losing weight

Contact Us

Sunderland Royal Hospital, Ward C31 - 0191 5699731

Finding Us

Sunderland Royal Hospital
Our Bariatric services are carried out on our Gastrointestinal Unit, Ward C31, which has been adapted to accommodate bariatric patients. We care for patients who come to hospital for a range of surgical interventions or procedures and also deal with emergency patients, not just those patients undergoing bariatric surgery or interventions.

Our Team

Divisional General Manager: Anna Hargrave
Directorate Manager: Rebecca Elliott (0191 565 6256 extension 41961)
Clinical Director: Mr Andrew Brown (0191 565 6256 extension 47260)
Consultant General Surgeon: Mr Peter Small (0191 565 6256)
Matron: Denise Simpson
Bariatric Specialist Nurses: Arun Sekhar and Lisa Wilde (0191 5656256 extension 42570/42708)
Specialist Dietitian: Maureen Boyle (0191 5656256 extension 42832)